Space divider for large stacking box

199,00 kr.

Need to organize toys in the children’s room? Time to sort out your make-up in the bathroom? Do you want things to be a little neater and tidier in the kitchen cupboard? That  is now much easier with the large stacking box space divider. With this space divider, the Lena stacking box can be divided into 6 or 12 compartments.

The space divider is available in the same 11 natural colours as the stacking boxes and bedrollers, making it easy to integrate colorful elements into the home, while the boxes also fulfil a practical function. They can be used for toys in the children’s room; LEGO, doll’s clothes, books, etc. The boxes can be used for spices and oils in the kitchen or as a decorative element for ornaments on the windowsill. In the bathroom for make-up etc. Or in the office in order to keep your desk tidy.

Dimensions: L: 40 cm W: 30 cm H: 12 cm

Space divider for large stacking box
199,00 kr. Select options