A New Year offering change

Here we are, New Year’s Eve and again, a new year has begun. Despite Corona restrictions, we are more than ready for another exciting and change offering year.

We started 2021 by welcoming our new intern, Aleksandra, who is originally from Poland but now lives and studies in Aarhus. As a small company in development, we would like to contribute to educating talented young people. Since there are MANY tasks to tackle at Design Rocket, we also believe that there is rich opportunity and possibility to learn a lot. We believe that you learn best by simply being thrown into things. That is at least how we learn ourselves.

Of course, we dream of selling our products beyond Denmark’s borders but that has merely so far been beyond the horizon when talking about long term future goals – our company has just been going for 11 months! During the months of November and December 2020 we received several inquiries from Germany, Austria and Sweden, both from private customers but also from retailers. We didn’t feel ready for that at all but of course did not want to reject either! When we sent the first orders abroad, we were so proud! We are also currently negotiating with some retailers who have approached us. Seemingly though, as some brainers within the export field have told us, we need to handle a few more things regarding our accounting. Getting in touch with our accountant we are now starting to learn a little more 😊.

Now in different languages

For some time now, our To-Do list mentioned: “translate website into German and English”. But as with everything else, we simply do not have enough hours per day. However, the increasing interest just before Christmas calls upon our action. That is why Aleksandra has been tasked to find a company to translate our website, making it run smoothly in other languages too. It will be so exciting to see our website translated into different languages. See my own text in German and English.

New year, same humbleness

We are still happy for every single follower on Facebook and Instagram, still dancing around for every order we receive. It still feels completely unreal that someone wants to buy our products. Products we designed and built with our own hands. The fact that someone from abroad will pay for it is almost crazy. We are, and will always be honored that you out there allow us to do this. Thank you for supporting us on our journey! We hope you won’t be intimidated by the fact that the text on Facebook and Instagram will now also be in English.

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